MiG-29s Headed to Africa


Mig-29MRussian Aircraft Corporation has announced the sale of 50 MiG-29 M/M2 fighter jets to a North African country, which was not named for customer confidentiality reasons.

In May 2015, Russian business daily Vedomosti reported that Egypt wanted to acquire at least 46 MiG 29 fighter jets as part of the US$3 billion arms deal signed with Russia during President Abdel Fatah El Sisi’s visit to Moscow a month earlier.

Egyptian Air Force officials also visited the MiG factory last year.

The new fleet of advanced MiG 29s will likely replace an ageing fleet of Soviet-era MiG-21 and Chinese-made J-7 Thunder fighter jets which are still serving the Egyptian Air Force.

Meanwhile, the Algerian Air Force has taken delivery of two more Mi-26T2 helicopters from Russia. Algeria ordered 14 Mi-26T helicopters in June 2013 and the first two were delivered in June last year.

The two helicopters are believed to have been delivered to Algeria late in November last year but their arrival was only confirmed last week.

Egypt and Algeria remain by far the biggest customers and operators of Russian military hardware which includes fighter jets, helicopters and aerial defense systems.

Both the MiG-29M (single seat) and MiG-29M2 (double seat) aircraft are the «4++» generation multi-role fighters with the extended range, weapons increased load and airborne weapons broad nomenclature.

Main technical and technological innovations applied on the MiG-29M/M2 fighters are as follows:

  • improved fuselage & wing;
  • fly-by-wire control system with quadruple redundancy;
  • significantly reduced radar signature;
  • increased internal fuel capacity and in-flight refueling possibility;
  • increased weapons load stored at nine external hard points.

The MiG-29M/M2 fighters belong to the new unified combat aircraft family designed on the basis of MiG-29K/KUB carrier-based fighters.

The power plant includes RD-33MK engines with increased thrust power, equipped with smokeless combustion chamber and new electronic control system (of FADEC type). Engines are of the module structure and have increased reliability and service life.

The airborne avionics is of the open architecture based on MIL-STD-1553B standard that allows the installation on aircraft of new equipment and weapons of Russian and foreign origin upon customer request.

The fighter has multi-role, multi-mode «pulse-Doppler» type radar «Zhuk-ME» manufactured by «Fazotron-NIIP» Corporation. The radar is provided with the slot array. As compared with radars of the previous generation, «Zhuk-ME» has wider scanning angle in azimuth, twice longer target detection range, less weight and increased reliability. «Zhuk-ME» provides tracking up to 10 air targets with four targets simultaneous firing with missiles.

The MiG-29M/M2 fighters are equipped with state-of-the-art multi-channel IRST with target designation system to the anti-radar passive war-head missiles.

There is the possibility of installation on aircraft of IR and laser sighting equipment pods for ground targets illumination.

Weapons system includes «A-A», «A-S» missiles, guided aerial bombs, rockets, aerial bombs and built-in air-gun of 30 mm caliber. Upon request of the customer the new types of weapons can be applied. The MiG-29M/M2 fighters weapons allow to destruct air targets as well as the movable and stationary ground/surface targets.

Both the single and double seat versions of aircraft have the same airborne equipment and weapons as well as the high unification level of structure.

For the MiG-29M/M2 fighters the full set of training means was developed.

Performance MiG-29M/M2:

MiG-29M MiG-29M2
Take-off weight, kg:
— normal 19 200 19 000
— maximum 26 500 26 500
Maximum airspeed, km/h:
— near ground 1400 1400
— at high altitude 2100 2100
Service ceiling, m 16 000 16 200
Maximum G-load 8,0-9,0 8,0-9,0
Ferry range, km:
— without drop tanks 1800-2000 1600-1700
— with 3 drop tanks 2800-3000 2650-2700
Engines RD-33MK RD-33MK
Take-off thrust, kgf 2×9000 2×9000
Number of external stations 9 9
«A-A» missiles:
— middle range RVV-AE,
R-27R1 (ER1), R-27T1 (ET1)
R-27R1 (ER1), R-27T1 (ET1)
— short range R-73E R-73E
«A-S» missiles:
— general purpose Kh-29L Kh-29L
— anti-ship Kh-31A, Kh-35E Kh-31A, Kh-35E
— anti-radar Kh-31P Kh-31P
C8 C8
Guided bombs KAB-500KR KAB-500KR
Built-in air gun, 30 mm Gsh-301 Gsh-301


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